Topshop Distributes Runway Looks With Chirp

Topshop has been on the forefront of integrating technology with fashion and sales, but this year the company is looking to one-up itself one more time. For its spring collection, it partnered with Chirp, a software company that transmits image data via subaudible, sonic identifiers. Topshop will set up “Chirp Locations,” where phones can pick up these signals and view exclusive, sometimes behind the scenes footage. The experience will take place at Topshop’s Oxford Circus flagship store in London, where a Chirp and Twitter “garden,” of sorts, has been erected for the event. Consumers at home will be able to see the event through a live stream, and won’t be left out of the action. In addition, all of the makeup products used at the show will be available immediately after the show for pre-order, adding the ever-valuable e-commerce element to the show. 

Three things that made Twitter’s week

Three things that made Twitter's week (iStock) A lot went down in the Twitter universe last week. Let’s begin this week with a look back at the week that ‘twas.

Promoted Tweets

Few companies are more conspicuous in their lack of major revenue streams than Twitter. The company took a new step toward rectifying this position by unveiling its new advertising platform that relies on Promoted Tweets. Launched as a pilot program with a few select advertisers, the platform will eventually insert paid Tweets in the stream of Twitter search results. Promoted Tweets will be graded based on a “resonance” score. Resonance will help determine how long any of these sponsored Tweets stay active in the ecosystem. During a week in which Ning announced that it was moving away from free to paid service, it’s encouraging to see that Twitter is finding tools that build toward fiscal security. Unfortunately, they’re going to need a few more solutions in order to truly solve the revenue questions. Continue reading “Three things that made Twitter’s week”