Brands Who Release Super Bowl Ads Early Win Big

The Super Bowl is still fresh in the minds of advertisers as they slowly determine the returns on their advertising dollars.  The reach of an ad doesn’t stop at the end of the game, though, and online views have become increasingly important to the overall success of a campaign.  Analytics firm Visible Measures looked at online “True Reach” statistics for every Super Bowl campaign since 2010 and found that advertisers who released their ads online before the game saw far greater reach than those who didn’t. Budweiser’s “Puppy Love” commercial from this year’s bowl had already received 26.7 million views before the game, and its final reach is expected to be much higher.

Facebook: Soon With Commercials?

Facebook is ready to bring auto-playing videos to your mobile news feed in a bid to make videos a more attractive option for users.  Videos will auto play without sound while in the context of the feed, but a simple tap will expand the video to full screen and unmute the audio.  This a proposed solution to the problem that Facebook’s video platform is ineffective from the mobile creation environment all the way to playback, and could bring far more videos to your news feed in the near future.  If that happens, that could also mean video ads blending into the news feed in the same way.  Video ads are a potentially lucrative source of revenue for Facebook, with estimates placing the cost of distributing a 15 second video for one day on the platform between $1 million and $2.4 million.