Buzzfeed Introduces The Reaction Cam

Buzzfeed illicits some of the biggest reactions on the web so it’s not surprising to see they’ve figured out a way to let users get in on the action, all sponsored by Starbucks. Introduced as the reaction cam, users will be able to create and share three-second animated Gifs in response to Starbucks sponsored content on the site.  From GIFs to song remixes and six second videos, brands have never been in a better position to enable content creation through technology.    

Gangnam Style Generates $8 Million In Revenue On YouTube

If Gangnam Style’s 1.23 billion YouTube views didn’t surprise you, check out the most recent revenue figures from Google. According to chief business officer Nikesh Arora, PSY’s hit has generated 8 million in revenue on YouTube alone, netting out at around .65 cents per view. With about half of that total going to the artist, YouTube can be a serious earner for content creators.