Gangnam Style Generates $8 Million In Revenue On YouTube

If Gangnam Style’s 1.23 billion YouTube views didn’t surprise you, check out the most recent revenue figures from Google. According to chief business officer Nikesh Arora, PSY’s hit has generated 8 million in revenue on YouTube alone, netting out at around .65 cents per view. With about half of that total going to the artist, YouTube can be a serious earner for content creators.

IAB Report: Internet Ad Revenues Up 18%

According to a recent IAB report, marketers are grappling with newer platforms like mobile and digital out of home, but overall the online advertising industry is in great shape. Total online ad revenue reached 9.2 billion dollars in q3, up 18 percent from one year ago. Expect advertiser interest to spark new digital marketing solutions in the new year.

Half Of App Store Revenue Goes To Top 25 Developers

Apple App Store and Google Play store often boast about their selection of more than 600,000 apps but it turns out only a fraction of those generate significant revenue. In fact, about half of total app store revenue lies with the top 25, all of which are gaming apps with the exception of Pandora. While paid apps and in-app purchases are on the rise, some apps are clearly more sticky than others.