Is it the age of the free lunch?

Is this the age of the free lunch? (Sonya Rosas)One of the challenges of working in digital media is feeling like a blind man. You can hear, smell, taste the changes happening around you–but it always feels like you’re missing part of the equation; where is this going, what is happening next, what is at the horizon line? That’s how most of us who are honest about it feel anyway. It took a visit from Chris Anderson, Editor of Wired magazine to the Lab to discuss his latest book to provide some comfort.

In the same way that his first book, “The Long Tail” helped many business people as well as digerati marketers grasp the power of the niche market that developed as a result of the incredible thing we call the Internet, his second book, “Free” aims to help us all understand evolving economic models, since many of the items in our bag of tricks don’t seem to be working the way they used to. Continue reading “Is it the age of the free lunch?”