Kutcher a ‘katalyst’ for innovation

kutcher_flickrAsthon Kutcher is up to it again with a new web series airing on Facebook’s FunSpace application. The app comes complete with an “On Demand” interface with access to Funspace’s other channels (Kutcher’s Katalyst HQ series currently owns the main stage) and  the ability to forward to all your facebook friends and of course, commenting.

Unique to Katalyst Media’s play here is the first Facebook video series. Like Seth MacFarlane, the innovation is present in the sponsorship or brand integration with the video content and delivery method.  The mandate from their first sponsor, Cheetos, was to  target 18-35 year olds just out of college or getting into the real world; and to develop content that would entertain rather than interrupt.   Continue reading “Kutcher a ‘katalyst’ for innovation”