Anticipatory Computing Meet Advertising

Wearable computing is no doubt on the rise with a host of health devices, home appliances and that respond to your behavior and environment. Traditional banners and display won’t do in these new categories, but there is an opportunity for predictive recommendations. For instance, your washing machine knows its low on detergent and recommends Tide, or your fridge suggests a Betty Crocker recipe based on its contents. Just look at Nest, Fitbit or LG’s smart appliances for proof that this trend is not so far on the horizon.  

Netflix Introduces User Profiles

It’s a common problem–there are three or four people sharing one Netflix account, so the suggestions become a mashup of many tastes. Netflix addressed this with profiles, and now multiple users of the same account can create their own page – with the goal being to give the individual a more tailored selection of viewing options. According to Netflix’s internal research, members of the same household are the most likely to share a Netflix account, which is the worst possible scenario for algorithmic suggestions; children’s shows mixed with action movies and dramas yields mixed recommendation results. What’s more, suggestions are now social, with Facebook integration now baked into the profile system. It means a more individually – and socially – curated Netflix account for everybody.