American Family Insurance Works With AOL For VR Series And 360 Video Ads

What Happened
American Family Insurance (AFI) is teaming up with AOL for a first-of-its-kind partnership that dives into immersive branded content. AFI will be working with AOL’s Partner Studio and HuffPost RYOT to develop a three-part, branded VR series on inspiring dream-chasers, 360-degree video ads that will be served across AOL’s ad network, as well as research on new metrics for 360 and VR video engagement.

What Brands Should Do
This partnership marks a big step for AOL as it looks to build a leading content creation platform for brands. And AFI is smart to leverage the power of VR and 360-degree content to tell inspirational stories that are tied to its brand message. As VR and 360-degree content continue to gain traction among consumers and publishers, brands need to start working with content creators to craft narratives that engage and resonate with their audiences.

The Lab currently has four VR headsets — an Oculus Rift, an HTC Vive, and two Samsung Gear VRs — ready for demos. Virtual reality is something that has to be experienced to be understood, so come by the Lab and ask for a VR demo to get a hands-on experience and figure out how your brand can use it to excite and engage with consumers.


Source: BusinessWire

Dash Labs App Generates Automotive Data Graph

You’ve heard about Quantified Self, but what about the Quantified car. A new mobile app from Dash Labs is expected to track over 300 data points generated from your automobile from total passengers, to your destination, even identifying if you’re at home, at work or at the library. The data can be leveraged for driver insurance, enhanced navigation and even targeted ads based on driving history. 

German Insurance Brand Hijacks Stadium Screen

Earlier this week, German insurance brand DEVK took over the “big screen” showing the crowd at a football match. The ad, which purported to show a real-time crowd event in the stadium, presented a half-naked sumo wrestler on-screen climbing down to the benches, grabbing a fan, and ripping his shirt in half, followed by the question, “How do you explain that to your insurance company?” Creative agency Garbarz & partner produced the ad and cut it into the live stream during the game. There were two other ads demonstrating similarly absurd incidents, including a person wrestling with a bottle of mustard. You can watch the sumo-wrestler video here: