Turn Report Shows Declines in Mobile, Social; Growth In Video, Display

Advertising company Turn has reported that in Q1 of 2013 the average CPM for video and display ads grew 6 and 15 percent, respectively, while mobile and social ads each saw average CPM declines of 45 and 20 percent, respectively.  The decline in mobile ad prices has been attributed to concerns over a lack of standards for anonymous tracking.  Social ads remain immensely popular with their low price and detailed targeting options, but the growth in display and video ads shows a desire among advertisers to continue to use big canvas formats.  The report also made reference to a highly desirable, young demographic called “the digital elite,” which is drawing up to 85% greater CPMs due to its social nature, strong internet presence, and large amounts of disposable income.

Emmys acknowledge role of digital platforms

Emmys acknowledge interactive (Academy of Arts and Sciences)This year I sat in on the blue ribbon panel for judging the final winners of 2009 Emmy Awards for Creative Achievement in Interactive Media for Fiction and Non-Fiction.  As a member of the executive committee for the Interactive Media Peer Group for the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, it’s been a big year for interactive plays in all television content.

As announced earlier this summer, below are the 2009 Primetime Emmy Awards Nominees for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media: Continue reading “Emmys acknowledge role of digital platforms”