Five most promising location based campaigns

Propelled by location based technology, mobile advertising is taking leaps forward right now. Projections from Juniper Research anticipate location based mobile marketing will jump to a whopping $12 billion dollars by 2014. Meanwhile, in the past four months the number of location based campaigns pushing the bounds of mobile advertising has grown exponentially. With Facebook’s anticipated release of a place-based functionality and the near hysteria surrounding Foursquare, opportunities continue to grow. Scale is the primary qualifier when it comes to mobile, but it’s not an excuse to avoid experimenting with the channel. Now is the time to gain learnings–from relevant ways to reach a highly targeted audience, to gathering insights and data on your customers.

Here are five promising executions:

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Consumers want more for their cars

(iStock)The collision between the economy and car companies has caused one unpleasant pile up.  Indicators for consumption and growth are not very pretty.  It is important to note that despite some of the macro gloom, there are still signs of a growing future.

According to a report prepared by ABI, OEM’s continue to plan for future iterations and advancements for telematics services.  Global penetration rates in new cars will reach 12% in 2010 and 43% by 2014.  “With GM’s OnStar and Ford’s SYNC to be joined by telematics solutions from Toyota and Chrysler launching later this year, the US remains the most competitive market,” says ABI Research practice director Dominique Bonte. As scale and affordability push prices down and as technology adoption rates by consumers continue to grow, their inclination for in-car solutions will grow.  Features similar to GM’s “OnStar” which offer safety and security assets along with diagnostics continue to show strength.  Increasingly however consumers want the technology envelope in the car to open up.  Continue reading “Consumers want more for their cars”

LBS tries to create real community

lbsLocation Based Services (LBS) seem to be gaining momentum and a certain level of respectability. For the uninitiated, LBS is the leverage of applications/devices that use positioning as a value add to services. This is typically found on mobile phones, Personal Navigation Device’s (PND’s) etc. A recent media report suggests that location based mobile social networking revenue will hit $3.5B by 2013.

Whether we are talking LBS through a mobile phone, PND or through the leveraging of a social media app, there is no question that LBS and the platforms that leverage them will grow to dominate the consumer market place and the attention of marketers. I remember a few years back people complained that the Internet was breeding a generation of isolationist. Kid’s..people… staying home and doing everything from the comfort and security of their PC. Early Social Media sites gave people a virtual place to connect. Sure you could go on ..say, “hello,” share and get to know many people but for me it still removed what I think is a key social attribute …proximity..closeness …real “community.” Continue reading “LBS tries to create real community”