Location based services get sexy

lbsThis week I participated in the judging for Navteq’s Global LBS Challenge. The challenge is a yearly event across three regions that gives mobile developers the opportunity to showcase innovative location based services. At least 30% of previous contestants have received venture capital funding or  launched commercial applications.

Many of the solutions were focused on solving a very specific consumer problem and follow the concept of creating applications that have a utility  in a consumer’s lifestyle. The ones that were least successful just had some business model challenges or some design flaws but all were based on leveraging mobile to enhance one’s lifestyle.

Here is some detail on the challenge from Denny Reinert, National Dir. Interactive Sales for Navteq

Here are some of the more interesting applications demonstrated:

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New president, new media

CNN Live with Facebook
CNN Live with Facebook

President Barack Obama was sworn into office today, with the backdrop of his historic election and the current economic and international crises. Meanwhile, we at the Lab negotiated new and traditional media channels to take it all in. Here’s what we had to say about inauguration 2.0:

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CES 2009: Living television

Living TV at CES (CES)While the Internet is all a buzz with the recently expanded Netflix partnerships, it’s interesting to note that it may be the OEM’s who are opening the door to how television and content are experienced in the home. On the floor of the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show, more then ever before we are seeing the aggregation of technology and content solutions convening together to create “living devices.” Continue reading “CES 2009: Living television”

To CES or not to CES?

CES2009“See Yourself In the Digital Economy” is the tagline for this year’s Consumer Electronic’s Show. Certainly, in a challenging economy, getting to Vegas can prove difficult and 2009 CES attendance will be down. Still, CES’s relevance continues to grow. More than just a “gadget show,” CES has become a mecca over the last few years, not only for consumers but for marketing and digital professionals as well. The four day convention provides a look at the platforms, technologies, and consumer behaviors that will be driving communication channels over the next year.  As the lab has discussed in its 2009 trends, understanding the opportunities in leveraging digital platforms, especially in an economic downturn, is a strategic imperative. Continue reading “To CES or not to CES?”