McDonald’s Tries QR Codes

Considering the less-than-perfect track record of QR technology, McDonald’s new packaging design may be surprising to some.  The fast food superpower has found a new application for QR codes by placing them on all carry-out bags and fountain soda cups, linking consumers to nutritional information about the food inside. If fast food customers will go out of their way to capture the code, could this breathe new life into QR technology?

Five most promising location based campaigns

Propelled by location based technology, mobile advertising is taking leaps forward right now. Projections from Juniper Research anticipate location based mobile marketing will jump to a whopping $12 billion dollars by 2014. Meanwhile, in the past four months the number of location based campaigns pushing the bounds of mobile advertising has grown exponentially. With Facebook’s anticipated release of a place-based functionality and the near hysteria surrounding Foursquare, opportunities continue to grow. Scale is the primary qualifier when it comes to mobile, but it’s not an excuse to avoid experimenting with the channel. Now is the time to gain learnings–from relevant ways to reach a highly targeted audience, to gathering insights and data on your customers.

Here are five promising executions:

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