How Miller Lite Is Targeting Millennial Guys On Instagram

What Happened
Miller Lite is going after millennial guys on Instagram with tailored brand content that capitalizes on trending topics in font design and typography. By using hashtags such as #graphicdesign, #typography, #thedailytype, as well as age verification to rule out underage users, the beer brand is looking to connect with a specific set of Instagram users by adding a unique branded lens on the existing content trends on the photo-sharing platform.

What Brands Should Do
For brands looking into content marketing on social platforms, Miller Lite’s new campaign points to new ways to target niche audiences by utilizing the user data available to identify the trending topics and interests of the target audience, and serving them with high-quality native content that fits the bill.


Source: AdWeek
Image courtesy of @MillerLite on Instagram

Snapchat To Debut New Content From Sophia Vergara And MLB

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“Modern Family” star Sophia Vergara is coming to Snapchat with her own reality series Vergaraland. Co-produced by Fusion and Latin World Entertainment, the six-episode series promises a humorous look at the actress’ career from the perspective of her son.

Snapchat has also reportedly worked out a deal with Major League Baseball Advanced Media to introduce a weekly series of baseball-related video content. We first heard back in March that Snapchat is looking to broadcast live sport events, and this seems like a solid first step in that direction.

Ever since the beginning of this year, we have been witnessing Snapchat’s relentless push into original content to build out its media platform outside messaging. So it seems only natural that Snapchat is now getting Hollywood celebrities and sport leagues on board to boost awareness of its original content.

Led by Snapchat and Facebook Messenger, the messaging apps are racing to become full-fledged media channels. Although it seems still a bit early in the game to declare a winner, Snapchat is most definitely in the running with its vast popularity among Millennials and Gen Z, which means that brands trying to reach those young audiences need to take notice.



Four Major Brand Activations To Look Forward To At SXSW 2015

It’s SXSW Interactive time again, and the Lab will be in Austin covering the latest developments. The buzz is already beginning, though, with major companies looking to make an impact at an event typically associated with startups:

  1. McDonald’s Hopes To Win Millennials Back
    McDonald’s will be hosting a charging area, dubbed the “Fry-Fi Station”, as well as food truck, street performances, live music, and a lounge equipped with WiFi and TVs streaming coverage of the panels. The fast food company will also be hosting three pitch sessions to showcase the company’s commitment to digital innovation. However, McDonald’s has already attracted negative press by initially opting to not pay bands to perform.
  2. Twitter Plans to Boost Brand Presence
    Twitter has kept a pretty low profile at SXSW for the past few years, with a small pop up-space showcasing ad content and networking with potential partners. Glen Brown, head of content and partnerships, would not reveal any specifics about what the messaging service has up its sleeve for this year, but he did reveal plans to increase brand presence and share a new native video strategy.
  3. New Transportation Options With LyftLine and “Magic Mode”
    In addition to allowing multiple riders to share a car with LyftLine, the company is also unveiling a SXSW-dedicated promotion called “Magic Mode” that will allow attendees to request stylish rides including a 1963 Bentley, 1960’s era mini cooper, a Tesla Model S, and a Range Rover.
  4. PayPal Supports Start Ups
    PayPal is launching a new contest this year that will let startups pitch to shark tank’s Daymond John. The winner will receive one-on-one consultations and $30,000.


Why Millennials Are Spending More On Experiences Than Commodities

A new survey by Harris Poll shows that today’s young adults — the so-called millennials between ages 18 and 34 — are giving exciting, first-hand experiences higher priority. 78% of those surveyed claimed that they would rather spend money on a desirable experience, such as a music concert or road race, than buy material goods.

This preference is also linked to a widespread “fear of missing out”, or FOMO, perpetuated by the rise of social media. Although the survey has a relatively small sample size and is conducted on behalf of Eventbrite, the event ticket company, the findings do points out a key trend in the evolving consumer behavior of younger generations.

Mercedes Recruits Instagram Influencers To Target Millennials

Starting last month, Mercedes-Benz has been seeding their ad content to various recruited “Instagram influencers” to market the car on their respective feeds. This effort is part of the #GLApacked campaign for its GLA sports utility vehicle scheduled to launch later this fall. In addition, a GLA cross-country excursion is also being documented on Instagram as native ad content. Since visual storytelling is a really powerful tool for the younger consumer, Instagram seems to be a great fit for this campaign. As brands continue to explore the new and exciting territory of social media marketing, the luxury car company’s move to tap into these influencers’ following is no doubt instrumental. How many impressions would actually turn into purchase though, would a lot harder to measure, and that’s what we marketers need to figure out.