Oreo To Sponsor IMDb’s Oscars Live Streaming Party

What Happened
Oreo is teaming up with IMDb to tap into the buzziest event of the movie industry with a livestreaming campaign. To promote its new Chocolate Candy Bar, the Mondelēz-owned cookie brand has signed up as the official sponsor for the Oscars viewing party hosted by IMDb, which will be live streamed on Twitter, Twitch, as well as IMDb’s own website this Sunday. Over 300 Hollywood insiders will be invited to attend this event at Neuehouse in L.A., which will feature an Oreo Chocolate Candy Bar sampling station for the guests to try one during the broadcast.

What Brands Need To Do
Brand marketers looking to enter the livestreaming arena should take a cue from this partnership and learn to maximize their reach by piggybacking on a buzzy media event. Branded live streams during big media events offer brands a great shortcut to get their content in front of a mobile audience in real time. Previously brands such as GE and Toyota have leveraged live-streamed events to amplify their sponsorships. Therefore, brands that wish to stay connected to today’s mobile-first consumers would be wise to start working with content creators and exploring the vast potential this fast-growing media platform holds today.


Source: Business Wire

NBC To Air Live Ads For Oreo And Toyota During “Hairspray” Broadcast

What Happened
NBC is set to shake things up a bit for the upcoming broadcast of its live production of Hairspray by experimenting with native, in-program advertising. Instead of cutting to a commercial break, Oreo and Toyota will promote their products with live commercials performed in character by the cast of the musical in a retro style that harkens back to the early days of television commercials.

Moreover, the show will also feature a song-and-dance number inspired by Reddi-wip’s milk delivery history. In addition, NBC will also run two segments of sponsored content during two breaks with brand sponsors’ messages showing alongside behind-the-scene looks via split-screen.

What Brands Should Do
This is not the first time that NBC has tried out this type of native ads to appeal to an increasingly ad-avoidant TV audience, as the broadcaster substituted some regular ad spots during its primetime shows in February with AmEx-sponsored native content from the respective shows. This upcoming initiative seems to be a natural continuation of this trend. At a time when ad blockers and subscription-based streaming services are helping millions of viewers actively avoid ads, it is important for brands and media owners to take measures in response and come up with new ways, such as sponsored content and native ads, to engage with their audience.

For more information on how brands should leverage interesting branded content to earn consumer eyeballs, check out the Ad Avoidance section of our Outlook 2016.


Source: AdAge

Oreo Launches Pop-up Ecommerce Site To Attract Holiday Gift Shoppers

What Happened
Oreo is dipping its toe into ecommerce as the popular cookie brand opens its first branded ecommerce site (gifts.oreo.com) to sell holiday-themed Oreo cookies directly to the gift shoppers. Unlike other ecommerce site, however, this Oreo Gifts site offers an interesting feature where the gift buyer can simply put in the email address or mobile number of the recipient without filling out the address. The recipient will receive a notification via text or email with instruction on how to claim their gifts.

Why Brands Should Care
Oreo is not the only popular snack brand to venture into ecommerce in time for the holiday season. Earlier this month, Cheetos launched an online shop that sells branded holiday gifts ranging from clothing to perfume. Oreo’s parent company Mondelez International says the site is part of a global e-commerce strategy, which it is expecting to grow by at least $1 billion in revenue by 2020. As more and more consumers opting for the convenience of online shopping, traditional CPG brands should take a cue from Mondelez and start exploring ecommerce opportunities to reclaim some of the diminishing distribution channels and build a lasting customer relationship.


Source: PR Newswire

Lead image courtesy of Oreo Gifts

Oreo Blackout Ad Was Only the Beginning

Oreo’s marketing touchdown during the Super Bowl has managed to rock more than just Twitter, and has foreshadowed what may be the future of marketing in general: brands reacting via social media to breaking news to compliment more traditional methods.  Every marketing agency in the world that let a collective sigh after the perfect Oreo ad went viral and became a news sensation as much as the blackout that triggered it watched and learned from the example, and examples of the new wave of social advertising are already cropping up.  After winter storm Nemo struck the east coast, Starbucks generated targeted posts in areas where local Starbucks stores had been forced to close by weather, offering free coffee.  As part of a multi-pronged approach, this sort of reactive marketing is seen as the way of the future, and during major media events of the next year, it is certain brands will be watching and waiting for their Oreo-Blackout moment.

Oreo’s Winning Superbowl Tweet

A successful social media strategy relies on reacting to trends and staying nimble which is what made Oreo’s superbowl tweet a winner. Reacting to the blackout, Oreo promptly posted an ad with the slogan “you can still dunk in the dark”, resulting in 12,000 retweets. The key to their quick turnaround was having the creative agency and brand team in the same room on Sunday night.