Google Play Revenue Up 67% Over 6 Months

Fueled by purchases from South Korea and Japan, Google Play’s revenue increased 67% over the past 6 months, as compared to Apple’s 15% increase over the same time period. That said, Apple’s App Store earned about 2.6 times more revenue in the proceeding quarter, largely due to the fact that its market share is so much larger. Google Play’s growth is still worth noting, however, and the third, fourth, and fifth most revenue generating apps were from Japan and Korea, pointing to a much larger trend of increased spending abroad. 

Sony & Disney Begin Streaming Movies Still In Theaters

In a bold attempt to undercut piracy around the world, as well as retain command over their film brand images Disney and Sony began testing a new on-demand service in South Korea that offers movies to rent whilst still in theaters. Films such as Django Unchained, Wreck-It Ralph, and Brave have all been made available as part of the program. Such experiments have been met with derision and inter-company political skirmishes in the past, but the companies now recognize that times are changing, and new methods of content delivery are necessary for a changing digital world.