New media solutions for new mamas

Lab Director Lori Schwartz and SadieFor those who know Lab Director Lori Schwartz, it’s not a shock that she’d bring her love of emerging media home with her. Lori’s been an evangelist of advanced TV and video, interactive content, and industry partnerships for as long as anyone would listen.

So we were not surprised when she emailed from her Blackberry on the table minutes before giving birth; or that we got the first Facebook photo of Sadie within minutes of her arrival this past month.

And now, Lori is proving that like innovative brand campaigns, child rearing is also an excellent opportunity to integrate new media solutions. We’ve highlighted the use of new media previously for weddings, and for other important life milestones. But for those who are considering or who will soon make the leap into parenthood, here are some of the best bets from an “emerging media mama:” encourages parents to share “gently used” goods with other parents via their social networking site.

Safety First HiDef monitor -  Looks like a mobile phone, but it’s a baby monitor with video and night vision

BebeSounds Fever Monitor
Now there is no need to disturb your baby to take her temperature or worry about having to continuously get up to check on her when she’s sick. The BebeSounds Fever Monitor clips onto her diaper or pajamas and takes her temperature from the skin’s surface.

WhyCry ® Baby Cry Analyzer
The award-winning WhyCry ® Baby Cry Analyzer is an electronic monitor capable of identifying the reasons why a baby is crying. This sound sensitive device is programmed to recognize different pitches and then digitally analyze and transmit the baby’s cry into one of five simple expressions – hungry, bored, annoyed, sleepy or stressed

Tests your milk for alcohol

Digital Bath Spout Cover
keeps your kid from getting bumped and bruised in the tub, and conveniently displays the water temperature to make sure it’s safe and comfortable

Networked AppleTV in the Nursery (for Mama & baby) connected to a TV with an integrated DVD player.

iPod dock with large digital clock-face for listening to soothing music while timing feedings