JBL Converts Your Tweets To Music

As part of a new “Tweet Music” campaign, the audio electronics company will turn your tweets into sound if you tweet at them. It works through JBL’s Tweet Music algorithm, which takes words and assigns sounds to them. It has pre-assigned sound clips for certain letters, and so there are nearly 13 billion possible combinations. Users who enter into the campaign by tweeting at them will also be entered into an expenses-paid trip to the 2015 Grammy’s. JBL is pairing the campaign with physical, experiential kiosks outside of the Grammy’s this year so listeners can interact with their custom music before tweeting it out. In the first week, they’ve received 2,600 mentions with their @JBLaudio handle, and have added 3,100 new followers this week; 1,200 songs have been generated with 3,500 listens. It’s a clever ploy by the company, one that, though a tad gimmicky, is technologically interesting enough to hold Twitter’s attention.