Best Of The Lab 2014: The Two New Media Platforms

 The past year has witnessed the rise of several new media platforms, with connected car and wearables as the top two standouts that we expect to shine even brighter in the coming year. Head over to our auto trend report to learn the full potential of connected cars, then cap it off with our coverage of the crazy fun Minuum keyboard for smart watches.

Outlook 2014: Automotive Trends

Now You Can Text On A Smartwatch, If You Want To

Thus concludes our Best of 2014 reviews. Happy Holidays! We’ll see you again soon with our upcoming CES coverage in 2 weeks.


Best Of The Lab 2014: Mobile Payment Has Arrived

With the arrival of Apple Pay, 2014 is without doubt a watershed year for mobile payment. Boosting convenience and security, it is set to transform the very way we buy things in coming years. You can reacquaint yourself with everything you need to know about Apple Pay, before diving into our in-depth mobile payment POV to learn more about the future of payment and commerce.

6 Things You Need To Know About The New “Apple Pay”

Paying with Your Phone: The Present & Future of Mobile Payment

Best Of The Lab 2014: OTT Flourishes As Big Data Gets Personal

The past year saw monumental growth for the over-the-top (OTT) market, as more brands and content providers jumped in this flourishing market. You can read our extensively researched white paper to learn about the OTT revolution happening in our living room.

Meanwhile, everything you do online is duly noted as part of your personal big data. Check out our joint study with 140 Proof on how and why people manage social profiles across multiple platforms.

What the Living Room Revolution Means to Brands

140 Proof and IPG Lab Present A Network For Every Interest

Best Of The Lab 2014: Seize The Moments That Matter

 Here at the Lab, we are always looking for emerging technologies that capture the attention of audiences at the most effective moments. Kicking off 2014, we experimented with incorporating micro-games at point-of-sale using Vengo’s vendor machines, which produced some quite promising findings.

Fast forward to June, we teamed up with Kiip and conducted a mobile engagement study that reveals that moments-based advertising increases purchase intent. We then joined forces with YuMe to explore measures of receptivity and attentiveness, with the findings neatly presented in a short video.

IPG Lab + Kiip Release Moments That Matter Study

Experimental Ad Product: Sponsored Micro-games At Point-Of-Sale

Bonus Video: IPG Media Lab And YuMe Present: Pursuit of Audience Attention

Best Of The Lab 2014: Gen Z And Emerging Media Channels

Welcome to the Lab’s year-end review, looking back at our most popular posts from 2014.

One of our key trends this year was Gen Z’s fluid media habits, as they relentlessly pursue new platforms that suit their needs, most notably with messaging apps. Read our interview with the insightful Melissa Lavigne-Delville from our Gen Z feature week to reflect on the fickle generation. Then head over to our hit white paper to reacquaint yourself with the ins and outs of the fast-growing messaging apps.

Gen Z Week: A Conversation With Melissa Lavigne-Delville

Messaging Apps: The New Face of Social Media and What It Means For Brands