Billboard ban marks end of advertising

noadvertisingApril 1, 2009–The Los Angeles Planning Commission voted last week on a new city ordinance to deal with digital billboards and supergraphic advertising, after the court ruled the city’s 2002 billboard law unconstitutional last year.  The vote was deadlocked, so the state legislature just made a pre-emptive motion that’s spiraled out of control. They’ve banned ALL advertising in California.

The state has announced that cranes will start ripping down store signs across the Golden State first thing on Wednesday morning April 1st. Bulldozers are being shipped from Nevada to help with the effort.

California residents may also notice that IP addresses of all corporate sites will be blocked as of Wednesday morning. Popular ad supported sites such as Google, Yahoo!, Facebook, WebMD and others may no longer be available to Californians. Continue reading “Billboard ban marks end of advertising”

IPG Lab study: Consumer insights

samplesizeApril 1, 2009–In some cases, emerging media is still ironing out the analytics issue.  However, in most cases, the analytics are sound, and held up to the high bar set by digital.  For in-game advertising, the size of the ad on the screen, the duration it appears on the screen, and even the angle at which it’s being viewed can all be tracked.

For digital out-of-home, there are solutions which can use facial analysis to determine how many passersby looked at the display, how long they looked, if they are male or female, and even a general age range.  In social media, marketers can know not only how many people interacted with a campaign, but can actually read their minds.  With all these capabilities at its fingertips, emerging media can deliver a wealth of accurate, detailed, and accountable information. Continue reading “IPG Lab study: Consumer insights”

Faxes will change the world

faxedApril 1, 2009–It’s time to get real: the future of new media is not happening. We at the Lab have finally decided that our forays into online and social media, and even our digital library are not viable. We have experimented, we have played, we have tinkered. We have begged, pleaded and tweeted. And after much hand wringing, we feel our purpose at the Lab comes down to a single, highly effective solution: fax machines. Continue reading “Faxes will change the world”

Reach new heights with jetpack advertising

(iStock)April 1, 2009–The frontier of emerging media has finally made its way to Madison Avenue: Jetpacks. After decades of science fiction fantasy and military experimentation, jetpacks have become a reliable transportation alternative and now, a bleeding-edge advertising medium. While the WSJ lists 30 second flight times and 1,300° exhaust blasts as challenges to this medium, advertisers should not be deterred.

The superior combination of sight, sound and motion that is a jet propelled human will unquestionably make a lasting impression with target audiences.

As user adoption of jetpacks spikes and price points fall to the $100,000 level – this market is ripe for advertising investment. Quaker has been an early pioneer of this burgeoning media channel; recently launching the first ever jetpack advertising initiative for Quaker Oats oatmeal. Continue reading “Reach new heights with jetpack advertising”