Reach new heights with jetpack advertising

(iStock)April 1, 2009–The frontier of emerging media has finally made its way to Madison Avenue: Jetpacks. After decades of science fiction fantasy and military experimentation, jetpacks have become a reliable transportation alternative and now, a bleeding-edge advertising medium. While the WSJ lists 30 second flight times and 1,300° exhaust blasts as challenges to this medium, advertisers should not be deterred.

The superior combination of sight, sound and motion that is a jet propelled human will unquestionably make a lasting impression with target audiences.

As user adoption of jetpacks spikes and price points fall to the $100,000 level – this market is ripe for advertising investment. Quaker has been an early pioneer of this burgeoning media channel; recently launching the first ever jetpack advertising initiative for Quaker Oats oatmeal. Continue reading “Reach new heights with jetpack advertising”