How BitTorrent’s New Browser Could Change The Way Internet Works

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In light of the national debate of net neutrality, BitTorrent has launched a revolutionary browser that aims to keep the Internet open and neutral while ensuring privacy for all users. The browser, dubbed “Project Maelstrom”, uses its peer-to-peer distribution technology to make the Internet more open by giving control back to users, as it requires the crowd to work together to host content so no central servers are necessary. The project is still its early days of alpha test, but we are very interested to see where it is going.

BitTorrent Forays Into Original Content With Exclusive Web Series

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A surprising candidate has entered OTT original content market: BitTorrent has just announced its first original web series, Children of the Machine. Starting next fall, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi web series will be distributed via BitTorrent Bundle, a service that allows media owners to release content directly to consumers. Previously, musicians like Thom Yorke and DJ Diplo have opted to release new music through the bundle program.

The pilot will be free for download with commercial spots embedded. We reported back in September that BitTorrent is wooing advertisers, and this is without doubt another solid move for the company to establish itself as a legitimate marketing platform.


How BitTorrent Is Wooing Advertisers

BitTorrent Inc., the company behind the peer-to-peer file-sharing protocol that most torrent sites currently deploy for privacy, is courting advertisers. According to their pitch deck, the company is trying to convince advertisers that their transfer protocol is an ideal marketing platform for publishers and brands alike. Shredding its association with piracy, the company urges advertisers to reconsider it as a “software company that lets users download software, bundles of content and sync content across devices”. Leveraging its high brand awareness and its alleged “counter-cultural position”, the company might just get some brands on board.

BitTorrent Sync Launches API and iPad App

BitTorrent Sync is a cross-platform way of sharing files without using the cloud. Currently, it’s in beta with over 1 million users, and is just now settling into its life as a mobile app as well. It works through QR codes to set up a secure connection between two devices to transfer data, and is trying to build its interface out with mobile apps and an API to develop external apps that utilize the file transfer system, in the hopes that it can compete with the likes of Dropbox. It’s a bold move to monetize and publicize a platform that – even with its noble attempts to create an open system of sharing – is still associated with torrenting as piracy, and speaks to the larger trend of file sharing as common medium of legal exchange.