Newspapers Test The Waters On Instagram

While visual brands have gained traction on Instagram, newspapers have been more reluctant on the platform that boasts over 150 million users. A lack of embedded links and no form of monetization are likely the detractors so see if Instagram will begin to support these on the brink of their advertising debut. For the time being, a host of publishers like the NY and LA Times are beginning to use it for their lifestyle stories supplementing with short form video.

Glimmer of hope for newspapers

High Contrast Newspaper Just as things are looking grim for employers, workers, and the retail sector, new data reveals that newspaper websites are experiencing a 16% growth from a year ago in unique visitors.

Nielsen Online also shows that repeat visits are on the rise: Overall traffic to news websites is up 27% growing 199.6 million in December 2007 to 252.7 million in December 2008. What do the numbers reveal?

Aside from an obvious, if slight, comfort to the online news media, it illustrates that increasing numbers of people are turning to the Web for their news sources, and they’re not just visiting once or twice a day, but several times a day, and dozens of times a week. Continue reading “Glimmer of hope for newspapers”

Newspapers must hybrid-ize

newspapersAs a recovering journalist, I have watched with consternation and dismay the battles newspapers and magazines are undergoing.  It is a painful time for traditional news media, particularly print media. And with results from the National Newspaper Association, it just got worse: Newspaper ad revenue sank nearly $2 billion in the third quarter of 2008.

Nevertheless, I have reason to believe the paradigm shift that has been happening for several years is starting to take shape. There may be a light at the end of the tunnel for newspapers, magazines, and the advertisers who have always looked to these mediums to reach their audiences. Continue reading “Newspapers must hybrid-ize”